Top Professional Mobile Entertainment

Neil first showed interest in DJing at the age of 14 when he used to go out with local DJ's carrying their 'records' & gear.

He then started having a go himself & DJ's started leaving Neil to cover parties himself as he was so passionate about it.

Neil then bought his own Disco and worked hard & investing into the discos always keeping his equipment up to date and moving with the times.

Over the years Neil has had many DJ's working for him & have had up to 3 shows at a time on the road, but soon discovered people were booking the disco asking for Neil 'personally' to do the entertainment for their occasion whether a Wedding, Christening or Childs party.

Neil eventually stepped out and went Full Time into DJing so being available week days as well as the weekend.

Having been a DJ from the 1980's Neil was brought up on 60's 70's & 80's music as well as knowing the 50's and has always kept up with the top chart music not only listening to music every day but listening to his clients & noting any music requests that are popular with the crowds. 

Neil has often wanted to keep the dance floor full when playing the music but through experience discovered that certainly at Weddings, family often like to catch up with other members of the family that they haven't seen in ages and may not be dancing but still enjoying the music, so Neil recommends that guests are asked for requests and Neil always does his best to play as many requests as he can fit in.

The music is never blasting! (unless your sat by a speaker or at an Asian party!) so we recommend at a Family function you reserve tables away from the show for people who are a little more sensitive to the loud music!

Neil does not use bad language or share smutty jokes. Neil caters for a 'Family' occasion.

Neil would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.